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By pure luck, I found out that a guy I knew from one of the Buick clubs I belong to was grabbing the motor and trans out of a 1980 Suburban and junking the rest. It was a 3/4 ton truck with the towing package and had tan bucket seats with a console, front shoulder belts, tach dash with full instrumentation, delay wipers, tilt steering, AC, the optional 40 gallon gas tank, dual batteries (not all there anymore), and an largely unbutchered wiring harness. I asked about parts, and he was more than happy to let me grab anything but the motor and trans. This is a list of what I grabbed while I had time. I'm posting it here so I don't forget about any of these odds and ends that are stored away in various places. If the list seems a bit eclectic in places, it because some pieces were broken or damaged and not worth saving. These parts will all bolt onto my 1975 Suburban, and are basically free replacement parts or nice upgrades in some cases, so I basically grabbed everything I could while I had time.

  •  Front bucket seats and console (tan)
  •  Bucket seat inside front corner mounting brackets (cut off - was welded onto body)
  •  Bucket seat inside rear corner under-body nut and plate (cut off - was welded onto body)
  •  Front shoulder belts
  •  B-pillar inside trim panels
  •  Roof rail inside trim panels from A pillar to C pillar
  •  AC style dash face plate
  •  Instrument cluster with tach and full gauges
  •  Some AC ducting and vents
  •  Wiring harnesses
    •  Headlight harness (with firewall connector)
    •  Engine harness (with firewall connector)
    •  Fuse block and under-dash harness (with firewall connector)
    •  Body harness (with firewall connector, cut in half near firewall connector during removal)
    •  Power tailgate harness (with firewall connector)
    •  AC harness (with firewall grommet)
    •  TH400 kickdown harness (with firewall connector)
    •  Gas gauge harness (mid-body area to gas tank, connects to engine harness)
    •  Tach harness
  •  Hitch receiver with "plug in" wiring harness attached
  •  40-gallon gas tank with filler and vent pipes
  •  Rear tailgate glass
  •  Rear tailgate power window mechanism
  •  Rear tailgate inside cover plate
  •  Wiper motor
  •  Delay wiper switch
  •  Left rear taillight reflector
  •  Right rear taillight lens
  •  Front side marker lights
  •  Blower motor with vent tube
  •  AC relay
  •  Blower resistor assembly
  •  AC controls with vacuum hose harness
  •  Vacuum canister
  •  Aftermarket battery isolator
  •  Master cylinder brace
  •  Factory jack and handle with hold-down hardware to store under-hood
  •  Driveshaft (front and rear pieces, with center bearing)
  •  Power steering box (still need to remove)

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