1979 F100 EFI Fuel System
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EFI Fuel System

Here's the accumulator, high pressure fuel pump, and filter assembly with very short custom high pressure hoses to connect them. I first mounted them to a simple board to test fit everything and test fit a custom spacer to get the accumulator outlet port in line with the inlet on the fuel pump. To make this all fit, I had to stack them all as close together as possible, which was different than what the factory did on the donor truck I used for the fuel lines. As it was, the forward-most bolt on the fuel filter mount was literally touching part of the suspension that was bolted to the frame. I used the board to verify I was drilling the right holes, and as a template for drilling holes in the frame to do the final mounting - see the last photo in this group. It all tucks up pretty neatly into the frame rail. I took a picture of the outside of the frame rail so you could see the mounting bolts - the second one has them labeled so you can envision what goes where. I even remembered to plug in the high pressure fuel pump once I had everything mounted.

To get the accumulator to line up with the fuel pump inlet, I used a couple of long 8mm bolts and cut the heads off so I had 8mm studs. I threaded these into the accumulator mounts, and then put a bunch of washers on the studs as spacers, which were capped off with a nut to hold them in place. Then, I used a simple nut and washer on the part of the stud that stuck through to the outside of the frame to mount the whole thing. This way, if I have to take it off for service, I don't have to worry about losing 20 different washers and playing trial-and-error under the truck to get the right number of washers in there to space it out properly. Having the washers permanently captured behind a nut on each mounting stud was a bit more work, but easier and better in the long run.

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I finally managed to find a sunny day and get my l33t tube-re-bending buddy Jon over to my place to get the Mustang fuel line extensions re-bent to get the inlets to be on the top driver's side of the motor. The original Mustang extensions terminated at the bottom passenger's side of the motor, which didn't work. I think Jon did a stellar job on this; we'll see how the F150 soft lines fit when connecting the fuel pump and return lines on the driver's side frame to the re-bent Mustang hard line extensions.

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I did the final hookups on the fuel lines, and secured the lines to the firewall to prevent them from moving around and hitting the exhaust, which would have been bad news. I made a small metal "L" bracket that mounted to the pinch weld low on the firewall, and then mounted two padded rubber clamps to that to hold the hoses in place. These are the return lines from a 1987 F150 with a 5.0L, with the upper section of hose connected to a short length of rubber EFI rated hose connected to two Ford female file line adaptors.

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