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I forget stuff, so I'm making a detailed "step-by-step" list of all the things I need to do for this rebuild, in order, and grouping them in related sections. This is all being done in the hope that I manage to not have to make repeat trips to the machine shop, the sandblast cabinet, and that this engine is what I want it to be when I get it done. There's way too many things to keep track of in your head for novice engine builders like myself.

Step-By-Step Rebuild Process

Item Who
Take short block to machine shop, have initial/prep work done, order parts
Verify suitability for rebuild, overbore and crank size Machine shop
Clean block, crankshaft, connecting rods, oil pan, and front cover Machine shop
Press out old cam bearings Machine shop
Press pistons off old rods Machine shop
Order parts based on info from machine shop Me
Bring short block home and modify parts as needed
Clean up casting flash in lifter valley and bottom end Me
Remove machining bosses along the side of the block Me
Match up main bearing oil feed holes to bearings (use old bearings as a template for hole enlargement) Me
Enlarge main oil feed passage to 7/16" - oil pressure sender to just short of front camshaft bearing surface (requires 12" long drill bit) Me
Enlarge main oil suction passage to 9/16" - front cover to pickup tube connection + pickup tube entrance to block (requires 12" long drill bit) Me
Polish rod beam sides Me
Remove all sharp edges from piston tops Me
Take short block to machine shop w/pistons and camshaft bearings for machine work
Bore cylinders .060" over, hone to final piston size Machine shop
Clean block, pistons, pins, Machine shop
Press in new cam bearings Machine shop
Turn crank .020"/.020" under Machine shop
Press new pistons onto rods Machine shop
Balance rotating assembly Machine shop
Install freeze plugs and oil gallery plugs in block Machine shop
Repair eroded areas on front cover Machine shop
Modify front cover and oil pump
Drill 1/8" hole in oil pump idler gear Me
Install cam thrust bumper in timing cover Me
Oil pump cover oil passage cleanup and enlarging Me
Oil pump booster plate oil passage cleanup and enlarging Me
Front cover oil passage cleanup and enlarging Me
Bring engine home and start assembly
Clean engine thoroughly Me
Oil all machined engine surfaces Me
Paint engine, oil pan, timing cover, and water pump Me
Install crankshaft into block and check clearances Me
Install camshaft into block - lube thoroughly Me
Install timing chain set and set cam timing Me
Install rings onto pistons Me
Install piston and rod assemblies into block and check clearances Me
Install oil pan onto block Me
Install front cover assembly onto block Me
Install water pump onto front cover Me
Other tasks
Clean and disassemble heads Andy
De-burr combustion chambers Me/Andy
Rebuild heads and rocker assemblies Andy
Paint heads Me
Sandblast intake manifold, pulleys, and all front accessory brackets Me (w/Andy's cabinet)
Paint intake manifold Me
Paint pulleys and front accessory brackets Me
Final Assembly
Install heads onto block Me
Install lifters into block Me
Install pushrods into engine Me
Install rocker assemblies onto heads Me
Install intake manifold onto engine Me
Install thermostat and housing onto intake manifold Me
Install thermostat bypass hose Me
Add oil to engine Me
Pre-oil engine using special tool - verify oil pressure is present and that there are no leaks Me
Install valve covers Me
Temporarily install distributor Me
Install exhaust manifolds Me
Install engine mounts Me
Install all accessory drive brackets Me
Install crankshaft and water pump pulleys Me
Install starter Me
Install lifting plate on intake Me
Lift engine off of stand Me
Install flex plate onto engine Me
Verify starter gear clearances Me
Mount transmission to engine Me
Install engine and transmission into car Me
Connect transmission cooler lines to radiator Me
Remove lifting plate on intake Me
Install carb and connect all vacuum lines Me
Hook up throttle linkage and return springs Me
Hook up radiator and heater hoses Me
Fill radiator with coolant, check for leaks Me
Mount power steering pump to engine Me
Mount AC compressor to engine Me
Hook up all engine wiring Me
Hook up fuel lines to fuel pump and to carb Me
Hook up engine ground cable Me
Hook up starter cable to solenoid Me
Connect battery Me
Remove distributor Me
Pre-oil engine again and verify oil pressure Me
Re-install distributor Me
Fire engine, bring to 2000-2500RPM and hold there for initial cam break-in period of ~20 minutes Me
Shut down engine, let cool completely Me
Proceed with initial driving break-in procedure Me


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