1958 Buick Accessory Codes
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The ACC line on your cowl tag indicates specific accessories the vehicle was manufactured with. Not all cars had all relevant things stamped here - either the factory wasn't too careful about this or some of the higher series cars did not indicate "standard options" on the tag. Also, I have been informed that these option codes are listed on the build sheet (should you find it with your car) so this information may help decode that as well. I believe this could indicate things such as the transmission, power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, and other major factory installed options.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Bill Kubik and Gary Harrison who kindly provided all of the information I have here. Without their generous help, this page would still be blank. This list is likely still very incomplete, so if you know of any resources or codes that are not here, please let me know.

I've also been told that there is an outfit called Automotive Research Services (phone 407-880-0797) that can decode your trim tags and codes upon request for various cars.

B Heater & Defroster
D# Radio - trailing number designates radio type/style

Known possibilities are:

  • D1 - Sonomatic Radio and electric antenna
  • D? - Radio and Rear speaker
  • D? - WonderBar radio with electric antenna and rear speaker
  • D? - Any Radio and antenna with no rear speaker for convertibles
E Upper Padded Dash
F Safety Group - Speed Minder and Brake Warning Light
G Windshield Washer and Wide Angle (Cam-o-matic) Wipers
I Tinted Glass
J Luggage Rack (for Wagons)
K Foamex Seat Cushions
L Power Brakes
P# Exterior Chrome Trim Style, Special Only - trailing number designates style

Known possibilities are:

  • P? - Narrow Mouldings
  • P? - Wide Mouldings
  • P? - No Mouldings
Q Permanent Antifreeze
T1 Wide Whitewall Tires (does this mean there were also Standard/Narrow Whitewall Tires?)
U Power Windows
X2 Map Light

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