1977 Ford F250 Parts Truck
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I bought this hulk to get at the AC parts and to get the template for the hole in the firewall for the AC that I was swapping onto my 1979 F100. It had no engine, trans, rear axle, front clip, bed, or doors when I bought it for the princely sum of $50 and drug it home. Yes, Craigslist strikes again. It was a fair deal. In addition to the carb and front suspension, it had the AC parts and wiring harness, and the rear sway bar, large rear tires, rear overload springs, and dual gas tanks were still on it. There were plates welded across the frame rails under the bed to mount a fifth wheel to.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 001.jpg (1807690 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 002.jpg (1834223 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 003.jpg (2151930 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 004.jpg (1891634 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 005.jpg (1944406 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 006.jpg (1853346 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 007.jpg (2575089 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 008.jpg (2105199 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 009.jpg (1333625 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 010.jpg (1297258 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 011.jpg (2543890 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 012.jpg (2171612 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 013.jpg (1799200 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 014.jpg (2104679 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 015.jpg (2398041 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 016.jpg (1792133 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 017.jpg (2453308 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 018.jpg (2323800 bytes)

Here's some more pics taken right before I posted it to Craigslist to be parted out.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 019.jpg (2076873 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 020.jpg (2175516 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 021.jpg (2621537 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 022.jpg (2211350 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 023.jpg (2211059 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 024.jpg (2159687 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 025.jpg (2352667 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 026.jpg (2097699 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 027.jpg (2330287 bytes)

The data sticker on the driver's side door jamb shows the VIN to be F25JRY23040, which breaks down to F25 = F250, J = 460 4bbl V8, R = built in Jan Jose, CA, and Y23040 to be the serial number of this truck. The codes F0121 and TO442 seem to apply to the extra weight ratings on the front a rear axles. The build date is 03/77, which makes this a 1977 model year truck. The GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is 7900 lbs, with the front axle being 3350 lbs and the rear axle being 5300 lbs. The owner had informed me that is was a 460 powered truck that was used to tow a large fifth wheel or haul a camper shell. The pedals and lack of a shifter show it to have been an automatic, likely a C6. The lack of a 4wd shifter in the floor and the lack of a front axle arrangement says it was a 2wd truck. That all lines up with the VIN number, so I'm going to believe it. The huge rear tires seem to agree with it being a very heavy load in the rear, such as a camper shell or fifth wheel, and the 5300 lbs rear axle rating concur with that. The additional data that's usually at the bottom of the sticker on the door jamb (color and trim info, etc.) was not filled in, but everything looks to be original for colors - it's white with a green interior.

The stuff I don't need or want is for sale, and once I get done with the truck it will be recycled. For example, the 460 engine mounts may be interesting to someone, as might the rear overload springs and the gas tanks, dual piston front brakes, etc. I might use the rear anti sway bar on my truck, or maybe not. If something looks interesting to you, ask me about it.


The cab, after stripping it down and unbolting it from the frame.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 028.jpg (3061191 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 029.jpg (2321602 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 030.jpg (2323065 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 031.jpg (2110032 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 032.jpg (2874875 bytes)

The frame under the cab showing the mounts.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 033.jpg (2356764 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 034.jpg (2379210 bytes)

A full shot of the bare firewall.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 035.jpg (2007384 bytes)

A close-up of both sides of the firewall.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 036.jpg (2055657 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 037.jpg (1937163 bytes)

Same as above, but annotated to describe what each hole is for.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 036_annotated.jpg (1254414 bytes) 1977FordF250PartsTruck 037_annotated.jpg (1235946 bytes)

The bench seat, removed from this truck and stored safe and dry in the back of my 1975 Suburban. Needs a new cover, but the frame and springs are in good shape.

1977FordF250PartsTruck 038.jpg (2907055 bytes)


Here's a mostly complete list of the possibly interesting stuff that's left. If it's not listed here or in the "already gone" list, it might still be around.

  • Very heavy duty rear suspension rated at 5300 lbs (includes add-on helper springs)
  • Rear anti-sway bar
  • Front anti-sway bar
  • Front gas tank
  • Tank switching valve with attached wiring and dual fuel tank lines
  • Brake pedal assembly
  • Power brake booster
  • Gas pedal assembly
  • Parking brake pedal assembly
  • Rear sliding window
  • Inner fenders with hood hinges
  • Fuel doors for front and rear tanks
  • Wiper motor with linkage and wiring
  • Seat belts (green) with retractor covers (white)
  • Sun visors (white)
  • Cowboy hat holder, mounts above sun visors
  • Steering column (core or parts only, needs rebuild)
  • Bench seat (green cloth, worn, will sell cheap)
  • Cab
  • Frame
  • Front steel rims with tires - 8 lug, size 9.50R16.5LT. Tires are worn.
  • Enormous rear steel rims with tires - 8 lug, size 33x12.50R16.5LT. Tires are worn, and yes, they really do have 11" wide tread on them.


Here's a list of the stuff that is already gone or was gone before I got the truck.

  • Engine
  • Trans
  • Rear axle
  • Bumpers
  • Fenders
  • Hood
  • Doors
  • Bed
  • Grill
  • AC parts
  • Some interior bits
  • Front suspension rated at 3350 lbs
  • Large front brakes with dual piston calipers
  • 460 engine mounts - perfect for an engine swap into your truck
  • Power steering setup
  • Front bumper overriders
  • Rear gas tank
  • Windshield

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