1961 Buick 401
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I got this engine as part of of package deal off Craigslist, the other engine in the package was a 1963 Buick 401.  Both engines had been stored sitting on a pallet in a dry barn for over twenty years, so they are dirty and have some surface rust, but are in decent shape overall.

The story I got is that this engine is of relatively unknown origin, but was possibly out of a LeSabre and is a basic low-compression 401. It does have a carter 4-bbl on it, though, which disagrees with the notion of it being from a LeSabre. The stampings indicate it's a 401 from a 1961 Electra 225 with 10.25:1 compression - basically, the top of the line engine for 1961. See below for details. Based on the stampings, I think the seller mixed up the details of the engines - a bit of each is true.

This engine was relatively complete and except for the front accessories, was fully assembled. It came with the generator and bracket, power steering pump and bracket, and both the crank and water pump pulleys. It also had the Carter 4-bbl carb still mounted to it, with most of the linkage still attached. It also has a flexplate mounted to the engine, and a torque converter that was not attached. It's a rear sump oil pan and the motor mounts are still attached.

1961Buick401Engine01.jpg (2397009 bytes) 1961Buick401Engine02.jpg (2642481 bytes) 1961Buick401Engine03.jpg (2729765 bytes)



Block Casting #: 1196546

  •  1961 401

1961Buick401Engine04.jpg (2243970 bytes)


Block Serial #: 8H40 18640

  •  8 = Electra 225
  •  H = 1961
  •  4 = Kansas City Assembly Plant
  •  018640 = Vehicle Number

1961Buick401Engine05.jpg (2668958 bytes) 1961Buick401Engine06.jpg (2804499 bytes)


Block Production Code: 4H270701

  •  Lack of an "L" prefix indicates a normal compression domestic engine
  •  4 = 401
  •  H = 1961
  •  270701 = Production Code Number

1961Buick401Engine07.jpg (2398602 bytes) 1961Buick401Engine08.jpg (2067478 bytes)


Head casting #: 1196914

  •  '59-'66 364/401/425

1961Buick401Engine09.jpg (2262720 bytes) 1961Buick401Engine10.jpg (2342123 bytes)


Water Pump Casting #: 30446

1961Buick401Engine11.jpg (2556993 bytes)


Water Crossover Casting #: 1185400-1

1961Buick401Engine12.jpg (2496916 bytes)

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