1968 Buick 430 w/455 heads
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1968 Buick 430 w/455 heads

This was a purchase from a local craigslist posting. A fellow advertised it as a complete but disassembled engine for $50, so it was worth a look. Turns out he was really into Alfa Romeos (as in, he had a huge shop and about 20 different cars behind his house) and somehow this engine ended up in the corner of his shop along with a pile of other stuff from someone he used to know. He was cleaning it up and selling it off to make room for his projects, so he posted the engine on craigslist in the hope of someone carting it away so he didn't have to dispose of it. It was dirty and had some surface rust, but it was all there along with some assorted odds and ends, so I bought it for $40 and drug it home.

The block is casting #1383424 which pegs it as a 1967-1969 430. The block has stamping 8H147431, I07, and PD. The leading "8" means it's for 1968, as does the "PD". The "H" means it was assembled in Flint, MI and "147431" is the serial number of the car it was originally installed into.

The heads are casting #1240149 and a large S1, which are for a 1970-1971 455. This was an unexpected surprise that I'm glad I found - what looks like the original solid pushrods were in the box of parts, and I can only guess that the engine was disassembled for a rebuild and 455 heads were going to be used for some reason. This means that I whenever I get around to rebuilding this engine, I need to convert it to the later style pushrod oiling system, or the rocker arms won't get any oil.

It's an interesting pile of parts, and I did a basic assembly of the large pieces and stuck them on a $40 engine stand from Harbor Freight for easy storage.

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