1972 Buick 455
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1972 Buick 455

This was a purchase from a local craigslist posting. A fellow (who turned out to be right near my house) advertised a Buick 455 and an Oldsmobile 455 for $100. They were sitting outside under a tarp, and had been there for some time. He was an older fellow with bad knees and couldn't do anything with them and just wanted to get rid of them. All I really cared about was the Buick 455, and I figured I could recoup at least $50 for the other one, so I bought them, loaded them into my Suburban, and took them home. Both motors came complete with TH400 transmissions attached to them. The power steering pump, smog pump, and AC + Alternator brackets were still on the motor, as was the original Quadrajet carb, exhaust manifolds, and Y-pipe with a small stub of the original exhaust pipe. It was somewhat rusty on the outside, but since it was reasonably enclosed and under the tarp, I decided to go for it - 455 blocks and heads aren't exactly falling out of the sky anymore around here. :-)

The block is casting #1238861 which pegs it as a very late 1971 or 1972 455. The block has stamping WF 216, with WF indicating it is the "base" 455 used in 1972 Buicks and not the "hotter" Stage 1 motor. The data I found on the internet says it was rated at 250 hp and 375 lb/ft of torque.

I have not pulled the casting number off the heads yet, but given the condition of the motor, and the fact that they are "smog" heads (with the smog pump still connected to the intake), I fully expect them to be one of the various casting numbers that are correct for a 1972 455.

The intake is casting #B-1239925-1 which is for a 1972-1973 455. Again, no surprises there.

The motor looks to be all original and ready for teardown and inspection, so I'm going to get it on an engine stand and see what awaits me under all that grime. With any luck, it'll be in good rebuildable condition and only need to go .030" over...

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