1975 Buick 455
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I bought this engine disassembled as part of a lot of various parts. In addition to this engine, it included a 1976 Buick 455.

The engine has casting number 1241735, which decodes as a 1972-1975(6?) 455. The block stamping is "AF 121" which decodes to AF = 1975 455 and the 121 being the Julian date code for when the engine was built. The heads are casting #1246322, which decodes to a 1975-1976 455. The drivers side exhaust manifold came with a separate heat riser valve and is casting #B-1246671-2, which isn't listed anywhere definitive for decoding, but one page I found indicates it may be a 1975/1976 unit. The passenger's side exhaust manifold is casting # B-1238094, which was used on almost every 1967-1976 Buick 400, 430, and 455 engine except for some 1968 400 and 430 engines. The engine was totally disassembled in preparation for a rebuild and cleaned by a machine shop. All of the small parts from the heads (springs, valves, and keepers) were in a box. A crank, harmonic balancer, oil pan, oil pickup, front cover, valve covers, HEI distributor, flexplate, crank + water pump pulleys, motor mounts, and various other small parts were included. I need to sort through all of them and assemble the engine on a stand to see what I actually have and what else would be needed to make this engine a complete and running.

1975Buick455_001.jpg (722399 bytes) 1975Buick455_002.jpg (730383 bytes) 1975Buick455_003.jpg (760289 bytes) 1975Buick455_004.jpg (749284 bytes) 1975Buick455_005.jpg (771077 bytes)

Here's the engine pieces loosely assembled on a stand for storage/safekeeping and hosed down with WD-40 to help keep any (more) flash rust at bay.

1975Buick455_006.jpg (2430496 bytes) 1975Buick455_007.jpg (2079745 bytes) 1975Buick455_008.jpg (1850499 bytes) 1975Buick455_009.jpg (2925948 bytes) 1975Buick455_010.jpg (2610121 bytes)

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