1987 Mustang 5.0L and T5 Trans
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This is a Ford 5.0L engine and 5 speed T5 transmission out of a 1987 Mustang. I picked them up for the princely sum of $350 for use in my 1964 Ranchero. The story is that the people building up the 1987 Mustang that this stuff came out of decided to buy a newer "stroker" crate motor and switch to an automatic transmission. Various aftermarket parts got used in the buildup, and a few stock bits as well. These are what came out of the car in running condition after 70,000 miles and are what they did not re-use on the new motor. Since I have a full EFI setup in the garage already, this is perfect for my needs. Clean it up, paint it, add in a few pieces I still need, and I'll have a pretty decent late-model EFI motor and 5-spd transmission ready to bolt into my 1964 Ranchero.

The greasiness of the engine indicates it's not yet been apart, and the lack of obvious external damage is a good sign. I will need all of the front brackets and the accessories to complete the swap, so I still have some hunting to do for that. Stuff like the water pump and clutch needs replacing anyway on a higher mileage motor, so no huge deal there. There are various little things I'll need to track down, but so far so good.

Here's the pictures of the engine, transmission, bellhousing, shifter base, emissions goo, and engine crate base that came as part of the purchase price. The engine stand is a $40 Harbor Freight unit.

1987MustangEngineAndTrans001.jpg (763310 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans002.jpg (764847 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans003.jpg (800117 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans004.jpg (738810 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans005.jpg (735362 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans006.jpg (731899 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans007.jpg (754648 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans008.jpg (774228 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans009.jpg (752775 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans010.jpg (772151 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans011.jpg (782394 bytes)

Here's all of the casting numbers, ID marks, and tags I could find on the engine and transmission. The transmission tag seems to jive with what I was told about the engine and transmission being from a 1987 Mustang. The rest I have not figured out yet. It seems that Ford stamping and casting numbers are much more poorly documented online than Buick, Chevy, or other GM stuff is - bummer. I can, apparently, buy a book detailing this information if I want to, but I'm cheap.

1987MustangEngineAndTrans012.jpg (781348 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans013.jpg (793208 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans014.jpg (782853 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans015.jpg (756573 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans016.jpg (631540 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans017.jpg (815832 bytes) 1987MustangEngineAndTrans018.jpg (813505 bytes)

I gave this engine a basic refresh and installed the front accessory drive from the 5.0L I got out of a 1985 Mustang so I could use it in a 1979 Ford F100 for a while.

1987MustangEngineRefresh001.jpg (825908 bytes) 1987MustangEngineRefresh002.jpg (826604 bytes) 1987MustangEngineRefresh003.jpg (786564 bytes) 1987MustangEngineRefresh004.jpg (805929 bytes) 1987MustangEngineRefresh005.jpg (774063 bytes) 1987MustangEngineRefresh006.jpg (802640 bytes)

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