1972 Oldsmobile 455
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1972 Oldsmobile 455

This was a purchase from a local craigslist posting. A fellow (who turned out to be right near my house) advertised a Buick 455 and a Oldsmobile 455 for $100. They were sitting outside under a tarp, and had been there for some time. He was an older fellow with bad knees and couldn't do anything with them and just wanted to get rid of them. All I really cared about was the Buick 455, so I bought them, loaded them into my Suburban, and took them home. Both motors came complete with TH400 transmissions attached to them. It was somewhat rusty on the outside, but since it was reasonably enclosed and under the tarp, I decided to go for it - Buick 455 blocks and heads aren't exactly falling out of the sky anymore around here. :-)

The pictures below are of the motor + transmission as they were removed from my Suburban.

Oldsmobile455_01.jpg (760835 bytes) Oldsmobile455_02.jpg (738431 bytes) Oldsmobile455_03.jpg (749400 bytes) Oldsmobile455_04.jpg (751002 bytes) Oldsmobile455_05.jpg (807969 bytes) Oldsmobile455_06.jpg (757230 bytes) Oldsmobile455_07.jpg (813291 bytes) Oldsmobile455_08.jpg (800025 bytes)

The casting number on the block is 396021F with the "F" being done in a large "serif" font. Based on some quick searches around the internet, this seems to indicate that I have a 1970 to 1972 block. The casting number on the intake is 410448, which equates to a 1972 intake and that agrees with the block. The date code on the back of the block near the distributor pad is "153" which means is was cast on the 153rd day of the year. The casting number on the heads is Ga 409100, which indicates a 1972 455 with 80cc chambers. The oil fill tube has a stamping on it of 2720391, and the leading 2 indicates a 1972 motor. Since this all agrees, this looks like an original 1972 Oldsmobile 455. That's all I have tracked down and decoded on the motor as of yet - I have no idea if it's has "big valve" heads or any other such fun. I tried to find the "VIN derivative" information to get some ideas, but could not find it. Maybe I'm not understanding the details on the website I found, or maybe it's simply not there.

I didn't have any Oldsmobiles to put this engine into, so I managed to recoup some of the cost of getting my Buick 455 by selling this engine and transmission for $50 to someone who could use it. A local fellow who was gathering parts for an Oldsmobile swap though this was just what he needed.

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