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All of the Buick 455 engines I got came with TH400 transmissions, and I have accumulated various other transmissions at various times. As a result, I have a pile of them that grows as a buy more stuff, and shrinks as I sell of stuff I decide I don't need. I keep a list here so I can identify them and keep track of them.

NOTE: If it's shown on this page then is is not for sale. If I decide to sell it, I'll list it on my For Sale page. This is to keep track of the stuff I am hanging onto.


1967 TH400 - Code PB

My most valuable transmission. Why? Because it's been freshly rebuild and is ready to be installed into one of my cars. It contains a basic shift kit and was rebuild with new innards after the original developed problems with the case in a previous rebuild by a less-than-reputable local trans shop. The full on black paint job was by the transmission rebuilder who re-did things for me. Too bad I never got a chance to have it installed and enjoy it before the car came off the road. Maybe after it goes back on the road again, it will finally get some use...

1967TH400CodePB_1.jpg (1871640 bytes) 1967TH400CodePB_2.jpg (2531826 bytes) 1967TH400CodePB_3.jpg (2688784 bytes)


1971 TH400 - Code BC

Came in a 1971 Buick Electra parts car I bought and is believed to work.

1971TH400CodeBC_1.jpg (2330885 bytes) 1971TH400CodeBC_2.jpg (2619695 bytes) 1971TH400CodeBC_3.jpg (2324488 bytes)


1973 TH400 - Code OA

This was a used transmission I bought out of a local classifieds paper (pre-Craigslist) to replace the blown up transmission in my 1973 Electra. Was paired up behind the 1973 Buick 455 in that car until both were removed.

1973TH400CodeOA_1.jpg (2644928 bytes) 1973TH400CodeOA_2.jpg (2143831 bytes) 1973TH400CodeOA_3.jpg (2102834 bytes)


1973 TH400 - Code P2C

A transmission of unclear origin and coding. All codes I can find are two letters, but P2C is clearly stamped into this transmission tag. I believe it came from the 1973 Buick Electra parts car from long, long ago. I'm not 100% sure yet, though I may be able to find some more stampings on the transmission to help clarify this further, if I want to go digging and cleaning. I have not been so motivated as of yet. :-)

1973TH400CodeP2C_1.jpg (2195824 bytes) 1973TH400CodeP2C_2.jpg (2419995 bytes) 1973TH400CodeP2C_3.jpg (2171784 bytes)


1976 TH400 - Code OR

Came in a pile of Buick parts I bought, likely was originally matched up with the 1976 Buick 455.

1976TH400CodeOR_1.jpg (2363702 bytes) 1976TH400CodeOR_2.jpg (2445971 bytes) 1976TH400CodeOR_3.jpg (1614452 bytes)


1987 Mustang T5

Bought along with a 1987 Mustang 5.0L, and will be combined with the tailshaft and shifter from a S-10 T5 to be able to use in my 1964 Ranchero.

1987FordMustangT5Transmission1.jpg (2341464 bytes)


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