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When you go through as much stuff as I do for various cars, engines, and transmissions, you get a lot of bits and pieces left over and up for sale. This is the current list of stuff I have.

Individual Parts

  • Chevy 3-spd manual transmission with output yoke - bare, no shifter or bellhousing. Main case casting #'s are "GM5", "385-8986", and "H166". Tailshaft casting #'s are "3860042" and "GH166". Main cover casting #'s are "GM1" and "385 8992". It has a 10-spline input and a 26 spline output. My research says it's a 60's era 3-speed, the seller I got it from said it came out of a first gen Camaro. If you can decode this and confirm it works for you, go for it.
    Chevy3SpdManualTransmission.jpg (2526960 bytes)
  • Cragar SS wheel, one only. 14" rim, 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern (Dodge/Plymouth). Currently has a F70-14 tire on it. Need a spare rim or a replacement for a damaged one? Here it is.
    CragarSSWheel5by4.5BoltPattern.jpg (2046240 bytes)
  • Disc brake dust shields, 4 total. 5 x 5 bolt pattern, 13" overall diameter. Has directional venting to maintain airflow to the brake rotors. Keeps your expensive wheels clean longer.
    DiscBrakeDustShields1.jpg (2090512 bytes) DiscBrakeDustShields2.jpg (2194773 bytes) DiscBrakeDustShields3.jpg (2523316 bytes)
  • 1969 Buick Riviera, 430 W/TH400, tan/black interior, various parts:
    • Backseat side trim panels with armrests and power windows switches

    • Rear window inside trim

    • Front door pulls with woodgrain and metal trim

    • Sun visors

    • Hood hinges

    • Dash pad

  • 1971/1972 Buick Electra, Riviera, Centurion, LeSabre (aka, all full size), idler arm. Moog K6106. Fits all GM full size cars from same years. Only used ~50 miles, almost brand new. My loss, your gain.
    1971-1972GMFullSizeIdlerArm.jpg (2493696 bytes)

  • 1976 Plymouth Duster slant six, maroon interior, various parts:
    • Rear side windows
    • AC compressor

    • Parking light lenses

    • Wiper motor

    • Misc wiring and other minor parts

    1976DusterRearSideGlass.jpg (2183374 bytes)
  • 1977 Ford F250 460 C6 2WD, various parts:
    • Front suspension rated at 3350 lbs
    • Rear anti-sway bar
    • Front anti-sway bar
    • Front gas tank (rear tank is already sold)
    • Tank switching valve with attached wiring and dual fuel tank lines
    • Brake pedal assembly
    • Power brake booster
    • Gas pedal assembly
    • Parking brake pedal assembly
    • Rear sliding window
    • Inner fenders with hood hinges
    • Fuel doors for front and rear tanks
    • Wiper motor with linkage and wiring
    • Seat belts (green) with retractor covers (white)
    • Sun visors (white)
    • Cowboy hat holder, mounts above sun visors
    • Steering column (core or parts only, needs rebuild)
    • Bench seat (green cloth, worn, will sell cheap)
    • Cab
    • Frame
    • Front steel rims with tires - 8 lug, size 9.50R16.5LT. Tires are worn.
    • Enormous rear steel rims with tires - 8 lug, size 33x12.50R16.5LT. Tires are worn, and yes, they really do have 11" wide tread on them.
    1977FordF250Parts03.jpg (2621537 bytes) 1977FordF250Parts04.jpg (2159687 bytes)
  • 1977FordF250Parts05.jpg (2907055 bytes)
  • 1979 Ford F100 302 2WD, various parts:
    • 4-spd flywheel (164 tooth, 28oz imbalance).
    • Heads.
    • Crankshaft.

    • Rods (pistons already pressed off).

    • Oil pan.

    • Valve covers.

    • Distributor.

    • Harmonic balancer.

    1979Ford302Balancer.jpg (2482888 bytes) 1979Ford302Heads1.jpg (2315079 bytes) 1979Ford302Heads2.jpg (2630165 bytes) 1979Ford302ValveCovers.jpg (2529618 bytes)
    1979Ford302Crankshaft.jpg (1425056 bytes) FordRods1979-302and1985-5.0L.jpg (2295970 bytes)
  • 1980 Datsun 200SX parking brake cable.
  • 1981 Toyota Corolla 1.8L 4cyl, 5-spd manual trans, various parts:
    • Distributor.

    • Throttle cable.

  • 1981ToyotaCorollaRearAxle1.jpg (3391822 bytes) 1981ToyotaCorollaRearAxle2.jpg (3569900 bytes)
  • 1981 Volvo 240, center "double outlet" heater/AC vent. Fits various other years.
  • 1985 Ford Mustang 5.0L CFI, AOD, blue interior, various parts:
    • Heads.
    • Crankshaft.

    • Rods (pistons already pressed off).

    • Oil pan.

    • Valve covers.

    • Front cover.

    • Distributor.

    • Harmonic balancer.

    • Instrument cluster, with gauges and tach. Should fit any 1979-1986 Mustang, and other similar year Fox body cars (Fairmont, etc.).

    1985Ford5.0LBalancer.jpg (2373172 bytes) 1985Ford5.0LHeads1.jpg (2072049 bytes) 1985Ford5.0LHeads2.jpg (2084085 bytes) 1985Ford5.0LValveCovers.jpg (2668409 bytes)
    FordRods1979-302and1985-5.0L.jpg (2295970 bytes)
  • 1987 Ford F150 5.0L w/AOD 2WD, various parts:
    • Flexplate (164 tooth, 50oz imbalance) and motor plate (goes between flexplate and block) with inspection cover. Fits any 1981 and up 5.0L.
    • Aux trans cooler, factory option for towing. With tubing.
    • Cruise control wiring
    • AC/Heater control panel
    • Instrument cluster, with gauges, without tach. I have two of these clusters for sale. Should fit all 1987-1989 F series gas engine trucks.
    1987FordF150AuxTransCooler1.jpg (2210316 bytes) 1987FordF150AuxTransCooler2.jpg (2272642 bytes)
  • 1989 Ford F150 5.0L w/5-spd 2WD, maroon interior, extended cab, various parts:

    • Instrument cluster, with gauges and tach. Should fit all 1987-1989 F series gas engine trucks.
    • Rear seat, fold down, vinyl.
    • Interior trim panels, various.
  • 1992 Mustang 2.3L w/5-spd, grey interior, various parts:
    • Dash pad, complete plastic dash piece with inner metal supports.

    • Instrument cluster, with gauges and tach.
    • Rear seatbelts, shoulder belt style.
    • Wheels and tires, with center caps. Tires have good tread on them.
    1992MustangWheelsAndTires1.jpg (1957592 bytes) 1992MustangWheelsAndTires2.jpg (1754866 bytes)
  • 1993 Mustang 5.0L AOD flexplate (164 tooth, 50oz imbalance) and motor plate (goes between flexplate and block) with inspection cover. Fits any 1981 and up 5.0L.
    1993FordMustang5.0LFlexplate.jpg (2635069 bytes)

  • 1999 Suburban 5.7L Locking Rear Axle Diff. Fits many similar years. Standard ratio. I upgraded to a steeper ratio for towing; this one is working perfectly, I just don't need it anymore. Professionally removed by a local shop, ready for you to install and enjoy.
    1999SuburbanPosiRearDiff1.jpg (2197117 bytes) 1999SuburbanPosiRearDiff2.jpg (2002508 bytes) 1999SuburbanPosiRearDiff3.jpg (2004911 bytes) 1999SuburbanPosiRearDiff4.jpg (2335608 bytes) 1999SuburbanPosiRearDiff5.jpg (2082256 bytes)
  • 2002 Suzuki V-Strom, various parts:
    • Factory luggage rack kit metal brackets. Used, good condition.

    • Oil filter, brand new in box. Suzuki part #165-03G00-X07, fits many other Suzuki bikes from 1985-present.

    SuzukiOilFilter.jpg (2099946 bytes)
  • 6 conductor removable electronics mount. These are new old stock Radio shack "quick disconnect" mounts for add-on tape players and the like. I have a box of 10 left over from some long-forgotten project. Need one for a project you're doing? I've got what you need.
    6ConductorRemovableMount1.jpg (1641612 bytes) 6ConductorRemovableMount2.jpg (1443209 bytes) 6ConductorRemovableMount3.jpg (1499304 bytes)
  • Black & Decker circular saw, model 7308. 7 1/4" blade. 1 1/2 HP, 9A, 120V.
    CircularSaw1.jpg (56461 bytes) CircularSaw2.jpg (59489 bytes) CircularSaw3.jpg (79936 bytes)


Parts Cars

I parted out these cars and I have various parts still available from each of them. If you need stuff, email me and ask. There isn't a ton of stuff left from these, but there might be something you need. Most of the engines/transmissions are long gone...

Comments? Kudos? Got some parts you'd like to buy/sell/barter/swap? Nasty comments about my web page so far? See Contacting Us.

Pretty much everything on this website is copyrighted, if you want to use something, ask first.

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