1959 Buick Boat
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Here's a bunch of saved off articles and photos about a 1959 Buick that was turned into a remarkably seaworthy boat by a bunch of Cubans trying to escape to freedom in Florida. (Summary: They didn't make it - the Coast Guard has done it's part to help ensure more people stay oppressed... *sigh*) These articles all belong to various news organizations, and I'm just preserving them here for posterity and amusement - as a Buick fan, this one is simply too priceless to let slip away. Some of the more entertaining comments are that the thing was impossible to sink without help from the designer - they had to burn it. Even when riddled with bullet holes and filled with water - it still floated! And the coast guard had the nerves to call it un-seaworthy and a hazard to navigation. Excuse me while I shovel some of the bull out of the way before I drown in it. These people should have been granted immediate citizenship on creativity alone - hire the guys that designed this thing right away and send them to work for the Navy - or GM.

Photos culled from these articles and elsewhere on the net:

1959BuickBoatPhotos1.jpg (24364 bytes) 1959BuickBoatPhotos2.jpg (11939 bytes)

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