Nine Second Geo Metro
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I stumbled across this while searching for another incredibly wild Geo metro motor transplant that I had heard about, but it turns out this one was much cooler than what I was originally searching for. Below are the pictures I found of this car. The obvious reason it deserves a place on my website? The motor is a Turbo Buick V6 with nitrous thrown in for some fun.

It's pretty mundane looking with no obvious external body mods and the mismatched colors on the body panels. All in all, very non-exciting looking from the outside, right? Well, except for those rear tires... The engine compartment is truly wild, though! And leaving the stock upper dash in place and using the Geo steering wheel is a nice touch. Tint the glass, clean up the interior, and you could really screw with some little ricer's minds if you wanted to do a little late night street prowling... :-)

NineSecondGeoMetro1.jpg (118507 bytes) NineSecondGeoMetro2.jpg (97774 bytes) NineSecondGeoMetro3.jpg (144207 bytes)

As you might expect, it turns out that turbo Buick V6 does the deed quite well -  check out this video of the dragstrip run it made to see just how well. I simply love the sound of that turbo spooling up when he stages the car...


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