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If you hang out around anything long enough, you find funny stuff. I hang out around cars a lot, so I find funny stuff about cars. This is where I put it. (If you got here from my main Shop page and thought Mike's Mechanical Funny Bone was something more insidious, shame on you.) Some of this may have been found at various places around the Internet or around the Real World™. If any of this stuff is your brainchild, please let me know so I can give you credit - you sure as heck deserve it! If one of the Stupid Gearhead Tricks was about you or even sounds like you, well, I'd advise you remain as anonymous as possible and think real hard about why you ended up here - and try not to do it again. Or if you do, take lots of pictures and send them to me. :-)


Import Stuff

I'm not really an import guy, so I derive a decent amount of amusement from what I perceive as their more off-the-wall trends. To be fair, there are just as many funny/stupid things about the domestic/muscle car crowd (the recent Dodge Hemi commercials are truly priceless and are very realistic), but the import crowd seems to do things that just cry out "Hey! Look at ME! I'm stupid!" or "Watch me do something amusing!". And I enjoy watching - from a safe distance. Now you can to.

TwoLiters.jpg (13517 bytes) HondaVsLugNutTorque.jpg (35491 bytes)

AmericanStandardTypeR.jpg (40442 bytes) There is an entire page devoted to this one, and it's worth a read.

Rice: Explained - For the new and uninitiated, learn all about rice. WARNING: Extreme sarcasm ahead!


Domestic Stuff

Sooner or later, I'm going to have to find some examples of funny stuff about American Car lovers and post it here, just to be fair. This category will be more like a "stupid gearheads" section, though. The American contingent does it's most entertaining stuff when they try to "jury-rig" stuff or do other home-made repairs. A close second is when they try to modify stuff to make it better/faster/different and come up with something that only it's creator could thing was a good idea - that is, if he was still drunk. :-) These are the things that end up looking like a drunken macho dare gone horribly wrong. You know, the sort of things that your wife will tell you is a bad idea - before you do it, while you do it, and after you do it. She's right each time - and you know it, but refuse to admit it. In addition to hearing "I told you so", you also get to endlessly and unknowingly entertain others with the results.


Other Stuff

Also, there are some things that fall into the "News of the (Mechanical) Weird" category that should eventually find their way here. The nuts who race riding lawnmowers (35 mph+ on one of those? Yikes!) are right up there with the guy who turned his La-Z-Boy into a street legal vehicle (Yes, someone did this - see below. It's, um, different.). As I find pictures or good stories I add them here - some of the stuff I find is simply too good not to share.

CouchCar.jpg (85575 bytes) A street legal couch?!?! Yes kids, the DMV must have had a field day with this one...

How Not to Pull your Car out of a Snow Bank - You've gotta see this to believe it. Cheap (and probably rusty) import steel meets it's match. And, no, that's not just the bumper and cover - look carefully and you'll see that it's the entire tail panel!

www.kalecoauto.com This entire site is one huge joke about cars, parts, tools, and anything else associated with automobiles - cleverly disguised as an online store. My favorite tool is the pilot wrench, and the chrome 710 cap is something everybody needs.

Check it out - this link goes to a site about a street legal jet powered Volkswagen Beetle owned and modified by Ron Patrick. This thing is wild! The photo of the cop looking at the car is priceless.

V8 Powered Snow Blower Yes, some insane person actually mounted a Chevy big block V8 to a snow blower and sells this creation to unsuspecting (or worse, fully aware) folks who just "have to have it".


Buick Stuff

Nine Second Geo Metro - Another unbelievable and non-standard use of Buick power. Only Buick power could make a Geo this fast - and have it fit under the stock hood.

Das Boat - How to drag race a 1969 Buick Electra. Seriously.

1959BuickBoatPhotos1.jpg (24364 bytes) A 1959 Buick Boat? OK, maybe not quite a drunken dare, but it sure is worth preserving this incredible sight for future generations to read about.

Two Tons of Steel by Buddard - a fun music video tribute to the Buick Riviera. The song is about a 1963 'Riv but the video shows clips from the 60's and 70's, with a number of good clips of the '71-'73 body style in motion. Good bass, rocks hard, lots of fun. Crank it up and cruise...

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