1938 Buick Y-Job
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This is the 1938 Buick Y-Job. For those that don't know what this car is, I've reproduced the text of the placard that was with the car as a basic explanation.

The 1938 Y-Job was the first experimental show car designed and built by Harley J. Earl, who was the Vice President of General Motors Design Center. Many advanced features were incorporated into this Buick show car including: concealed headlamps, flush door latches, first electrically-operated convertible top, first power windows, and fir extension of fenders into the front door. The Y-Job was built as an experiment in styling and boasts such features as recessed tail lenses in rear fenders, a low vertical front grill and curved glass door windows.

This car was Harley Earl's personal car for many years, and considering that it was produced in 1938 is amazingly forward looking. It's styling is very advanced for it's day and at first glance can easily pass for a 50's era vehicle. The car shows some signs of use, but has held up very well and is well cared for by GM. I think it was very cool to see something up close and personal that was so personally connected with Harley Earl - especially considering the impact he had on GM styling for years to come.

Many thanks to GM for bring this car and their other fine vehicles to the July 2007 Buick Club of America National Meet in Bellevue, WA.

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