1972 Buick Silver Arrow III
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This is the 1972 Buick Silver Arrow III. There was no placard with the car containing background information, and I could not locate a lot on the internet with a quick search. From what I can glean, this show car was produced using the 1972 Riveria as a base, and incorporated many custom features on top of an already well equipped Riviera. Custom features I noticed were square headlights behind flush plastic lenses, white-tinged taillights, taillights in the roof, digital dash cluster, digital clock, various custom interior changes (upholstery, etc.), and a few other things I have no clear identified, all of which are noted below. Non-custom features include automatic climate control, bucket seats with center console, "max trac" system, trip odometer, and full power accessories.

There is a switch on the upper left of the dash labeled "stall switch", which may control a Buick "switch pitch" TH400 style transmission. Next to the rear defogger switch is one labeled "turnpike", which I have no idea what it does. Perhaps a suspension setting? The turn signal + cruise level on the steering column is non-stock and contains something labeled "ADV", which I suspect is part of a steering-column mounted cruise control setup. The digital dash is (I believe) red and contains controls for dimming the brightness and for setting the clock. There is one switch to the right of the max trac switch that I cannot clear identify - the writing is too small to be made out in the photos and I did not ask what it was for.

Many thanks to GM for bring this car and their other fine vehicles to the July 2007 Buick Club of America National Meet in Bellevue, WA.

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