Buick 455s and Other Parts
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I scored two complete but disassembled Buick 455's (one was a 1975 and one was a 1976) along with a bunch of other parts for $100 from a guy who was cleaning out his garage due to moving and needed to get rid of this stuff on a deadline. It was a hell of a deal, but I will use the motors instead of them going to the scrap yard, so it was a good thing.

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Here's the complete list of stuff:

  • 1975 Buick 455 - completely disassembled and cleaned by a machine shop in preparation for a rebuild.
  • 1976 Buick 455 - disassembled into it's major pieces and not yet cleaned.
  • TH400 transmission with converter - BOP pattern, "long tail". The tag reads "76-OR-47257". This should be out of a 1976 Electra.
  • TH400 transmission with converter - Chevy bolt pattern, "short tail". This case stamping is "147464696".
  • Chevy 3-spd manual transmission with output yoke - bare, no shifter or bellhousing. Main case casting #'s are "GM5", "385-8986", and "H166". Tailshaft casting #'s are "3860042" and "GH166". Main cover casting #'s are "GM1" and "385 8992". It has a 10-spline input and a 26 spline output. My research says it's a 60's era 3-speed, the seller I got it from said it came out of a first gen Camaro. If you can decode this and confirm it works for you, go for it.
  • Chevy small block cast aluminum finned valve covers

The two TH400 transmissions and the Chevy  3-spd manual transmission are for sale, so if you want one, email me and ask about it.

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