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This page is for the awesome Buick Blackhawk, which I had a chance to see up close and personal at the Buick Club of America 2007 National Meet, held in Bellevue, WA in July. This car is very cool.

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I took a bunch of shots of the engine, specifically the front accessory drive. Look carefully and you'll see it's a serpentine belt arrangement, with all the accessories mounted low and tight to the block. It looks to have been done with some factory pieces (maybe off a V6 Buick?) and some custom pieces. I would love to get the scoop on this setup and find out where the pieces came from. It's very cool, and I'd like to run something similar on one of my Buick 455's...

An interesting tidbit I heard about while talking with some folks at the show is that the GM stylists have tried no less than three times to get this car crushed and hide it away from the public because "they were not involved in styling it" and thus they don't like it. If this is true, I find it incredibly ironic that the debacle that is GM styling these days - you know, the same folks who thought the Aztek was a well-styled vehicle - have the audacity to 1) say this car is ugly and 2) try to hide it away and/or get it crushed. If GM styling could actually put out something as nice as this, then maybe I wouldn't be driving a Dodge Magnum as my daily driver these days. If one ever needed a better example of the inmates running the asylum, this is it. I'd like to think that GM is smarter than this, and this is idle rumor/gossip not founded in fact, but then I think back to things GM has done in recent history, and sadly, an attempt to crush this car sounds about par for the course... It's just another example of the poor mentality that has caused GM to be in such bad shape recently. So, assuming this little rumor is true (and I am), on the off chance that any GM executive gets wind of this page, please do us all a favor and put the smackdown on whatever idiot thinks crushing this car is a good idea. Please? Thank you. And if this little rumor is someone's idea of a twisted joke, well, it's not funny.

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