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I do lots of electrical related work - I'm good at it and I enjoy it. So I have lots of tools for doing electrical work.


An invaluable tool for diagnosing electrical problems. You need one that can do AC or DC voltage, resistance, and a continuity check where it emits an audible tone when it detects a connection. I have both digital and analog units, and both have their place, though I do use the digital almost all the time. Digital units are more accurate at a glance, the better ones are auto-scaling, plus they commonly have "peak hold" and other features. On the other hand, analog meters are better at showing rate of change and for diagnosing problems where the actual reading is not as important as being able to visualize changes - a good example is hunting for breaks in a rear window defogger grid. I'd say buy a really nice digital multimeter and a decent analog one - places like Radio Shack sell them at good prices.

My preferred multimeter is a Fluke (that's the company name, seriously) model that my Dad gave to me as one of my first tools. Beyond the sentimental value of it being one of the first real tools he gave me, it's a professional model he had used in his work and it served him quite well. Now it serves me quite well and I use it often. It's helped me find many problems in various cars and get them fixed. It's the first tool I grab when I have to diagnose an electrical problem.


"W" Crimpers

These are the nice high quality kind that allow you to create a factory-perfect crimp on a connector with an indent in the middle to help hold the wires better. Invest in a good set of crimpers and they will serve you well for many, many years.


Wiring Connector Removal Tools

This little gadget lets you remove the metal connectors from various styles of plastic wiring plugs so you can re-use them, run new wires, etc.

WiringConnectorRemovalTool01.jpg (570515 bytes) WiringConnectorRemovalTool02.jpg (1618896 bytes)


One-Handed Wire Strippers

Sure, you can get cheap ones but the ones that strip in one motion when you squeeze the handles are the best. Get a nice set - you'll use them a lot.


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