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Kroil - the best way to remove rusty, stubborn fasteners. It's a penetrating oil - spray it on the part you want to remove, wait a while for it to do it's magic, then apply force to remove the part. It works wonders - I have never been unable to remove a rusty bolt or nut using Kroil, including stubborn exhaust bolts. For years it was only available in case form to maintenance shops and I only got it courtesy of a friend of a friend who worked in a shop that used it, but recently it's been showing up in retail establishments - so when I saw some, I grabbed a can. It's great stuff, even better than PB Blaster in my experience. No respectable DIY'er should be without a can or two of this stuff in their garage.

Head over to the Kano Labs website to read up on this and their other products. I've only used Kroil, but their other stuff seems interesting, and judging by how well this stuff works, I'd be prone to believe their other stuff works pretty well too - certainly enough to try it out when I have a chance.

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