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You need a shop press. Seriously. These things are very handy for a number of various things that you'd otherwise have to pay people to do. Stuff like pressing bushings into A-arms when you rebuild your front end. Or pressing U-joints on and off your driveshaft. Or press-fit pulleys on a variety of things. You get the idea.

The really cool thing about doing the pressing on and off yourself is that you save time (fewer runs out to have work done) and you can do the job exactly the way you want to (say, if you want to paint and detail the parts you're pressing stuff back onto). That's very cool.

Harbor Freight sells this 12-ton unit for around $130, it assembles in about 30 minutes, and can be moved around the garage reasonably easily if needed. At that price, how can you go wrong? It will pay for itself in one front end rebuild!

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