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Here are a few links that you really ought to check out. If any of them are dead, please let me know!

  • Buick Club of America - The club to join if you have a Buick. The $30/year dues nets you 12 months of the Bugle which has some really great all-Buick classifieds as well as ads from Buick-specific suppliers. Your local chapter can also be a great source of parts, help, and expertise on your Buick. My local chapter is the North Cascades Chapter here in WA.
  • North Cascades Chapter - Buick Club of America - This is my local BCA chapter and I'm the webmaster for their site. A nice bunch to hang out with for resto tips and advice, or just some good fun at the monthly meetings. Check out the site for membership and meeting details as well as our club newsletter.
  • Puget Sound Chapter - Buick Club of America - This is my other local BCA chapter and again, I'm the webmaster for their site. Check out the site for details about the club. These guys are a bit more performance oriented than the North Cascades bunch (which makes sense - they meet just a few miles away from the only Seattle-area dragstrip! :-), but still into a lot of resto work. I live about midway between the clubs and each offers a unique set of folks and experiences, so I just belong to and attend both of 'em.
  • NailHeadBuick - A great mailing list dedicated to the vertical-valve Buick Nailhead Motors and any car powered by one. I'm was a regular poster here for a long time and now I just read when I get a chance. If you have or like these motors, you should be on here too. Sharp eyed readers will notice that the group name used to be "BuickNailHead" but it got changed some time ago when the group had to be recreated due to a mishap with the original group on Yahoo. Same cast of characters, same great content, slightly revised name.
  • Nailhead Drag Racing - A small site, but this helps to show my support for the awesome vertical-valve Buick Nailhead engines and what they can do.
  • BuickPerformance - A great mailing list dedicated to getting more performance out of any Buick-powered vehicle. I'm a regular posted here, and many people on the BuickNailHead list hang out here. If you have or like Buick engines, you should be on here too.
  • BuickPerformance.com - A great site for people trying to do anything performance related to Buick's.
  • Poston Enterprises - Not much of a site, but their parts rock!
  • TA Performance - Pricey, but they have lots of goodies specifically for Buicks. They also have some neat history on Buick as well as old ads and other related stuff.
  • Edelbrock Performance - Manifolds, carbs, adaptors - the name when it comes to automotive intake systems. If you don't know who these guys are - are you sure you're really a gearhead?
  • Jegs High Performance - These guys are virtual Wal-Mart for gearheads. Get the catalog and drool over all the stuff you can only afford in your dreams and all the stuff you need to buy as soon as you get paid again.
  • Summit Racing - Another online Wal-Mart for gearheads. I have their catalog, and check them out when I need parts. They carry a slightly different line of stuff than Jegs, and in my experience tend to have more of the "non-high performance" stuff you end up needing, which is nice. Their application charts for parts are quite handy, too.
  • Egge Machine - Obsolete engine parts. Highly recommended by various folks.
  • Cars, Inc. - These guys stock reproduction parts for Buicks you never even knew existed. They know their stuff and specialize in hard-to-find little things that you really do need. (Sun visor repair kits are my favorite. Keeps the sun visor from falling down all the time!) Note that there website has changes recently, so if you have a favorite to them, make sure you update it.
  • OldCarStuff.com - Cars, Inc. is branching out beyond Buicks, and this is the website they put up to showcase the stuff they have for sale. There is some interesting stuff in here, so be sure to take a look and see if they have what you need.
  • Classic Buicks - Another Buick restoration specialist. Lots of good parts and very knowledgeable. NOTE: They used to be located down in Chino, CA and did not previously have a website, but have moved to Dallas, OR (Not Texas!) and have stopped taking phone orders and questions. It's email, fax, or snail-mail only. Still good stuff, they're just being a bit lower-key about business then they were in the past.
  • The Buick Farm - A rather unusual collection of only NOS Buick parts. He has online ordering, so browse the catalog and see if he has something you need for your car.
  • RB's Obsolete Automotive - These guys are like your local parts store, except they specialize in Hot Rod stuff. They used to be in the Seattle area, which was good for me when I needed some last-minute stuff or I just want to browse the stuff in person. Sadly, they moved, so now they're just another mail-order catalog house to me. They have the usual mail-order catalog - visit their website and go get a copy.
  • New Port Engineering - Specialists in "drop-in" vacuum to electric wiper conversions for older vehicles - only the motor changes, so they should be very easy to install. They cover lots of vehicles, odds are your car is covered.
  • Disc Brake Mike - Custom disc brake conversion kits for classic Buicks and Oldsmobiles. I host his site, and I have one of his kits, so I happen to think he rocks. :-)
  • 1AAutomotive - this guy has all the weather stripping you need and is a regular seller on eBay. Highly recommended and easy to deal with, he has good prices too!
  • eGauges.com - The best online source for VDO gauges and instrumentation. Easy online purchasing and fast shipping.
  • Dave's Small Body HEI's - Specializes in converting your existing distributor to have GM HEI internals and still use an external coil. Very stealthy, easy to service, and you get all the benefits of HEI.
  • Carburetor Tuning the Scientific Way - An excellent guide to tuning your Holley carb with some great explanations about tuning any carb. If you've ever fought with tuning a carb and failed (or worse yet, not known why you succeeded!), you should read this.
  • B.O.B. Oil Recovery System - If you change your own oil regularly, you should get one of these. It'll pay for itself in a year or so, and it's just good sense to use everything you already paid for!
  • Old Air Products - These guys stock just about every part imaginable to repair your heater and AC system, right down to the vacuum pull devices that open and close the various doors in the AC system of many cars. They also stock custom and retrofit parts, supplies, and tools.
  • MAD Enterprises - Their web site says it all. "Famous for sensible upgrades that really work" - and they're not kidding. They have great tech articles on the site for free and their kits and parts are exactly what the doctor ordered to Do The Job Right. I spent a lot of time cobbling stuff together that I've found out you can just purchase directly from these guys as a kit.
  • Ron Francis Wire Works - If you need to wire it, chances are these guys will have something you need. Lots of good connectors for HEI distributors, temp senders, and other stuff you need to have to do the wiring job right. Order a catalog today and be ready for your next wiring project.
  • American Autowire - Lots of good odds and ends that you will need when doing wiring work. In particular, they carry the proper grommets to use when running a wiring harness through the firewall or other panel - no one else I've found carries these must-have pieces for custom wiring work. You should order their catalog today - combined with the catalog from Ron Francis you'll be hard pressed to find a wiring project you can't get done.
  • Made For You Products - Specialists in lightweight, durable, non-conductive, and colorful clamps for about any kind of tubing, wiring, or spark plug wiring you can image. They also carry some pretty neat tools that you should have - like AN fitting wrenches and a handy plastic template to determine the bolt circle of a wheel or brake rotor/drum. Never guess again at the swap meet!
  • FordFuelInjection.com - Everything you ever wanted and needed to know about Ford fuel injection systems.
  • CustomEFIs.com - A great source for starting any GM TBI or TPI project. He sells a DIY manual that I highly recommend, as well as complete custom engineered swap kits and various other things related to doing GM EFI swaps.
  • Mr. Injector - if you need fuel injector cleaning and repair stuff, you need to know about this eBay store.
  • Bob Johnson's Auto Literature - If you need a manual for a domestic vehicle, check these guys out. I own a shelf full for all my cars and am quite happy!
  • books4cars.com - A nice little place right here in Seattle that has every manual you could imagine. They are regular eBay sellers and I've been quite happy with their products. They really know their manuals - if you have a hard to find one, they probably have it or can tell you where to get it.
  • The Eastwood Company - Specialty tools and equipment as well as those hard-to-find paints and coatings you need. Their catalog is full of stuff you never knew existed, but you won't know how you lived without once you've used it.
  • Harbor Freight Tools - This is like heaven for tool guys. If you've never checked them out, you should buy something just to get on their mailing list - it's well worth it.
  • Radio Shack - In addition to over-priced home electronics, they carry a number of small electrical parts (switches, relays, etc.) and a number of tools you might need (soldering irons, electrical testers, etc.) while doing work on your car.
  • Sears - In addition to picking up an extra pair of jeans to replace the ones you got greasy working on your car, you can also get some very good tools. The hardware department is a year-round tool festival with decent prices, and a very good warranty on their tools.
  • Snap-On - Truly awesome tools, and the cost reflects that. Their tools are very high quality and come with an excellent warranty. Lots of hard-to-come-by tools are available for those special or unusual situations.
  • eBay - The World's Online Marketplace. What else can I say?
  • Car Craft Magazine - These guys know low-buck car crafting inside and out. If you don't subscribe, you should.
  • Hot Rod Magazine - Not as low-buck as the Car Craft guys, but still a very good magazine. These guys help put on the Power Tour every year - and that alone is cool enough for me to subscribe.
  • Auto Restorer Magazine - A great reader supported publication focused on the needs of the true automotive do-it-yourselfers out there. It's thin compared to most magazines, but it's got no advertising and what you get is packed with great tech tips, articles, and details that you really do need to know about if you want to restore your own car. Some of the vehicles they cover are a bit esoteric, but hey, I like esoteric. If I want to read about Chevy small blocks all day, I'll go grab a copy of Chevy High Performance or something like that. Seriously, I've learned a lot about how to solve the challenges you really face in the garage as a result of reading this for a few years - highly recommended.
  • Pacific Raceways - The Seattle area's only dragstrip and road course.
  • NW Differential - A local shop specializing in differentials. They have rebuild two rears for me over the years (one in my 1975 Suburban and one in my 1999 Suburban), and always been great people to work with and have done great work. Rear axles are expensive, but when you need it, it's worth it and you want to go to a place that does quality work. If you're in the Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond area, check these guys out.
  • Yardley's Buick Riviera Restoration - This is a website dedicated to the work one guy has done on his 1969 Buick Riveria to make it faster on the dragstrip and more fun to drive. He has pages dedicated to his accumulated knowledge, various restoration and tech tips that he learned "the hard way", and ongoing progress on his Riv. His website is a very good read. He's a down-to-earth kind of guy who does a lot of his own work and learns as he goes - and then documents it on his website. Kind of like me, except he's working on one car instead of many, and thus his is a lot further along than any of mine.
  • A fun list of cars that were ahead of their time - This link contributed by Amelia, an up-and-coming classic car enthusiast. Thanks go to her teacher, Abby, for passing along the request to add this link!

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